Are you ready for car sharing technology?
Published on March 01, 2017

Car sharing is no longer news in many major cities of the world, and the trends of who is the first to use these opportunities, are obvious. Like in all industries, the major players are not flexible, and are slower to adapt to new technologies when private companies and start-ups are TOPs of mind in the heads of consumers.

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Car rentals – How to survive transition
Published on January 30, 2017

After several of my articles about the car sharing, people (car rental companies) started asking about how car sharing can help in the car rental business. Although the Internet is buzzing about self driving cars, car manufacturers and large car rental companies already have their “pocket” car sharing outlets; local and smaller car rental companies, constituting the major share of the market in any country, just start asking, and not yet fully realize that car sharing is not something out of this world, and maybe it will not affect the car rental business.

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