About Us

The Qwekee platform provides the opportunity to start a car sharing business without any investment just within a week. We support over 1,000 GPS devices from 300 different manufacturers. If you already have the equipment, you do not have to change anything, just redirect the data to our server.

Rent Your Car

If you have an extra car or an entire fleet, you can start the sharing service quickly, easily, and without investment anywhere in the world.

Charging Customers

You can choose over 10 different possibilities of customer charging: from per minute, to full functionality with door unlocking and a geofence.

Mobile app

The customers will use the Qwekee Mobile application to book a car, and our system will charge the customer the price you have defined. Will transfer the collected funds to your account.

Meet the Team

Nerio Celkonas

Founder and CEO
20 years experience in business development. Especially in e-commerce, logistics and mobile payments. Nerio defines company vision and foresees the trends in business change or user behaviour.

Mindo Banaitis

Co-Founder and CTO
15 years experience in IT and business development. He was part of many teams launching hundreds of different IT projects. Passionate for classic and retro cars. He believes in sharing economy and wants to be a part of changing the economy and user behaviour.

Senior Engineer
18 years experience in IT. Used to work on more then 20 big projects. Responsible for Qwekee architecture, integration of third party hardware and software.

Benjamin Maillard

Associate France & Benelux
17 years of experience in the mobility industry first as an entrepreneur and then as regional COO for the 4th largest car rental company worldwide. Used to deal with all the aspects of the industry, he now shares his experience with our partners to set car sharing services which exceed both final user and partners expectations.