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Car sharing in Argentina
Car sharing in Argentina
January 31, 2023
A new car-sharing white label just launched in Argentina, Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires. FastGo operated by Avis&Budget operator in Buenos Aires city launched a car-sharing platform.
News for corporate car sharing
News for corporate car sharing
February 10, 2021
New features developed by Qwekee car-sharing platform allows corporates more efficiently manage company cars.
White label for your rental business optimization
White label for your rental business optimization
September 29, 2020
Due to the pandemic situation around the globe, all travel industry looks for solutions to optimize business processes.
What is the impact of COVID-19 on the car rental businesses and how to avoid negative consequences
What is the impact of COVID-19 on the car rental businesses and how to avoid negative consequences
March 30, 2020
At a time when the world is being suppressed by a Coronavirus, many businesses are taking inventive solutions. A glance at the past shows that when business was moving smoothly and all executives' business' activities were steady, they rarely thought of the necessary innovations or changes that could further improve the situation. However, after COVID-19 appeared, many business activists are looking for new possible solutions to keep their businesses from stagnating.
Minor but essential updates
Minor but essential updates
November 26, 2019
Recently we released a few minor but essential updates in the Qwekee platform. Thanks to all partners and users who submitted requests for first glance small adjustments but it makes our platform more friendly for all users. Here the list of new features we have updated our platform. The main effect applies to corporate car-sharing and car on-demand (check-in and drop off automation).
New features for your car rental on demand
New features for your car rental on demand
February 19, 2019
Based on your requests we are improving our platform by adding new features.
24/7 self-service for car rental customers
24/7 self-service for car rental customers
January 16, 2019
After a few years in car sharing business and lots of requests from car rental operators, we are glad to announce special features and price plans for the car rental industry.
Corporate fleet explained
Corporate fleet explained
November 13, 2017
Efficient use of the company's car fleet is a challenge of all time. Lately, I have to tell clients the difference between the systems of reservations and free floating. It should be noted that the reservation systems are traditional. But are they most effective today, or is it a technology soon to become obsolete?
Qwekee App for Android
Qwekee App for Android
September 05, 2017
After the year of UI testing with iOS, we have decided to roll out mobile App for Android users. 
New features for corporate fleet
Are you ready for car sharing technology?
Car rentals – How to survive transition
January 30, 2017
After several of my articles about the car sharing, people (car rental companies) started asking about how car sharing can help in the car rental business. Although the Internet is buzzing about self driving cars, car manufacturers and large car rental companies already have their “pocket” car sharing outlets; local and smaller car rental companies, constituting the major share of the market in any country, just start asking, and not yet fully realize that car sharing is not something out of this world, and maybe it will not affect the car rental business.
Apartment + car: a new trend in the hospitality arena
Car sharing for company fleet
Car sharing – is it profitable?
November 08, 2016
Many are asking me whether car sharing is a lucrative business, and whether it is profitable. After all, automotive industry is about to change in the recent years. It's starting to irritate us because it takes us out of the comfort zone. This is understandable, nobody likes changes. But let’s not be Nokia, Blackberry or Kodak, and at least try to calculate. 
WHO MOVED MY CHEESE? – The end of car dealership
New challenges for the automotive industry
How car sharing could triple the auto manufacturer’s income
Car sharing in details
September 06, 2016
While the car rental and holiday season is going to the end, it is time to think what to do with the car during the off-season. In this article I will present the main issues that you should know in order to test the car sharing business model and decide whether it can be a profitable alternative to traditional car rental.
11 potential car sharing options
How to safely start the car sharing
Technology changes the car rental business
March 29, 2016
I would like to take a broader look at the entire private transport system, and how rental companies will look like in this picture. Let’s divide it into two categories: “I drive myself”, and “the driver drives”. The latter innovations were suggested by Uber and, I think, I have nothing to say about it. But how the category “I drive myself” will transform?
Customer expectations from car rental companies
When car rental companies rediscover local customers?