The Qwekee platform provides the opportunity to start car sharing without any investment just within a week. It's the optimal solution for car rentals as self-service for customers, for corporate sharing inside the company (20 cars for 80 employers), and for traditional car-sharing operators.

For car rentals

Ideal solution for your car rental business. You can pre-book a real car for your customer on calendar mode. He/she receives an SMS with instructions to download an app, see booked car and location, open doors via the app, take photos of the damage, etc. All routine rental processes are done as self-service.

Corporate sharing

If your company has fewer cars than employers or wish to have. This solution is right for you. No personal cars anymore, key handling, and schedule management. Everyone sees available cars online and books for a day or hour.

Car sharing business

If wish to start car sharing business we are here to help you with a ready solution. Get paid per km or minute, geofence zones, damage inspection, fuel monitoring, engine block, door lock/unlock via an app, Stripe payments, etc. Just plug and go just for 10$/car/month


Appeal Car Share
Texas, USA

Qwekee white label solution in Houston, Texas, USA. Project launch date 2020 September.

Station based solution that offers vehicles in 2 different locations.

Qwekee custom solution in Lithuania. Project launch date 2019 August.

Car rental company leverages traditional long term car rental business with Qwekee functions. Automated check-in and check-out solution enables customers to locate and unlock vehicles without physical contact.

Qwekee whitelabel solution in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium. Project launch date 2018 April.

Free float car sharing solution in Sint-Niklaas, Belgium